Animation Tutors:

Joshua Gaunt and Anna Aroussi


Guiding student how to use camera

Joshua Gaunt is an experimental filmmaker, editor and animator based in England. His passion lies in work that is surreal, interdisciplinary and above all, collaborative. To date he has produced a number of short and medium length film projects, which have won awards for their technical innovation and have been screened internationally. His personal, experimental work is based on continued academic research into Post-Digital production methods for which he was awarded a PhD from the University of Exeter in 2011.

Within his community, he has collaborated with many local independent filmmakers and organisations in a variety of roles including editor, camera operator and animator. He is also highly experienced in informal education as a media tutor and community workshop artist where he has facilitated participatory work by a range of individuals and groups from the very young to adult, from mainstream education to personalised learning and special needs settings. This work is all done under the banner of WORKSHOPS N' DOCS and often involves collaboration with artists working in other disciplines.


Anna Aroussi has taught many art-based workshops over the past ten years. Mainly animation based, they have involved different parts of the community including adults with learning difficulties, blind children, prisoners, schools, children with learning difficulties, residents of a housing association, in short, anyone aged from 4 to 64.

She has been involved in the running of the Animated Exeter Festival every year and is currently Learning Manager for Visual Arts and Digital Media at the Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre.

Anna spent 10 years at King Rollo Films starting as a tracer and finishing as a storyboard artist. As the animation process has become increasingly computerised, she finds joy in using out-dated equipment to bring the magic of animation to fresh eyes. She has her own animation company which delivers animation workshops across Devon and beyond.

View the animation 'DREWND' made by 2012 animation students Click Here